The Leader's Journey


Latest research shows that outstanding leaders of recent years have made a significant shift towards a more collaborative style of leadership. This inclusive style requires, as never before, a complex medley of advanced leadership attributes which can only fully be realised through real and challenging opportunities to lead.


Each leadership opportunity contains the potential for mastery of these essential qualities provided the journey is well travelled.


The Leaders Journey™ provides the framework within which you can navigate your leadership journeys with confidence and insight.


This unique approach is based on original research into the nature of leadership as symbolised in film, drama and mythic story narrative, combined with wisdom and insight gained from our exclusive interviews with successful business leaders.


The late Sir John Harvey Jones

Sir George Mathewson - Chairman, The Royal bank of Scotland

Dr Michael Thambynayagam - M.D.  Schlumberger Cambridge Research

Dr. Patrick Cross - M.D.- BBC World Ltd

Jerry McDonald - President Avon UK        


The Journey Explained


The Outer Journey


The first stages of the journey provide a route to Leadership Capability.


The Call to Adventure  ·  Resisting the Call

 Meeting with the Mentor · Crossing the Threshold

The Watering Hole  ·  Contests and Battles



The Inner Journey


The latter stages of the journey outline the path to Leadership Mastery.


Approach to the Inmost Cave · Seizing the Sword

Return with the Elixir


Character Archetypes


Understanding the critical role of character archetypes enables you to navigate your journey with insight and ease.


The Hero  ·  The Herald  ·  The Mentor

The Shapeshifter ·  The Threshold Guardian

The Shadow  ·  The Jester 




The Leader's JourneyTM can be delivered in a variety of formats:


Ψ       Masterclasses

Ψ       Executive coaching programmes

Ψ       Integrated management development programmes

Ψ       Skill-shot series - a series of brief skill shots


The Leader's Journey TM

 Skill-shot series

The Leaders Journey – a study of leadership based on film, TV and mythical story narrative

Sex and the City – a female perspective on leadership

The Leader with a Thousand Faces – understand your unique leadership personality

The Call to Adventure – rise to the leadership challenge

Shaken not stirred – a creative approach to corporate values

Walk Tall  – Leadership Stature & Influencing skills

Seize the Sword – peak performance for yourself and your team

Ears Wide Shut – speak so that others will hear

Make my day  – triumph in the face of conflict & set-backs

Merlin to Miss Moneypenny – the essential role of the mentor

The Watering Hole – networking for success

The Follower’s Journey – winning the hearts of loyal followers